Disclaimer / Privacy

Oh hi. I’m not real good with all this legal stuff, but I learned while trying to set up this blog that in today’s day and age, this sort of note is necessary. Bear with me while I try to get through all this boring jargon….


Terms of use:
Please take everything that you read on here with a grain of salt – not all of it is meant to be overly serious. The information provided on this blog is meant to be entertaining only, and should not be taken as professional advice. #lawsuit #nothanks
In no way am I qualified to give any sort of travel advice, this is really just going to be my thoughts and opinions. Please look at your own personal situation carefully before deciding to quit your job and travel the world. This life is not for everyone (to be honest, I’m not even sure yet if it’s for me).

Privacy / Email information:
Your email (if provided) has been provided by you as your choice when you decided to subscribe or comment. It will only be used as a means of contact and I give you my word; I will neither spam you, nor sell your info to a third party.

It goes without saying, everything I write on here is my own words (unless otherwise stated) and all images are my own photos – or photography from friends (unless otherwise credited).
Please respect my words and my pictures and do not copy / use without prior permission. You are welcome to repost / use any images, provided you refer back to the relevant post with proper credit. **Also a link to where it will be used will be appreciated, so I can give you some reciprocal blog / social media love.

This is where I would mention something about browser history etc, but to be honest I have no idea how it works – but just be aware most websites and platforms use cookies. Mmm, cookies.

Please feel free to leave as many comments on as many posts as you like – but please be aware some language may be edited (or may not be, depending on my level of laziness at the time). Any hurtful, racist or general narrow-minded comments will be deleted. Please also be aware I may use your comments (not only here but on all related social media platforms) as blog material.


Above all – please use your common sense on this blog. I am not here doing this for any serious reason and it’s just a bit of fun really. Please respect me and others on this blog – and we’ll all get along just fine.

Kthanks seeya-bye.