Better late than never….

Right. I think it’s about DAMN time I started writing some stuff. We’ve been overseas for 18 days, have visited 6 different cities (7 if you include Lagos – but we won’t talk about Lagos right now); and I have about 800 photos to go through and decide which ones are best left for my private stash, and those of which I’d like to share with the world… Continue reading

No more excuses…

People always put off travelling for many reasons –  whether it be a weekend away, or a gap year across the other side of the world. I think a lot of people thought we were crazy when we told them what we planned on doing. The amount of times people told me I was brave, or that they wished they could do the same, was surprising. I know its a scary thing to think about doing; but when you really break down all the things going on in everyday life, there isn’t really much holding you back from pursuing a life of travel. Continue reading

My favourite travel memory

Picture this – you’re a scared nervous wreck and can’t remember the last few minutes, or exactly how you got yourself into this mess. Looking around you see colours; you know it’s beautiful but you just can’t bring yourself to appreciate it. There’s a sharp stabbing pain in your ear and no matter how hard you try, you can’t make the agony go away. Nup. That’s it you think. I can’t be here. I can’t breathe. You look up thinking the surface isn’t too far away so kick your legs trying to break through to fresh air but it doesn’t seem to get any closer. That’s when the sickening feeling starts to grow – you’re trapped. You just want to yell and scream but you can’t, because you’re trapped…. Continue reading