About Alicia

Hello dear reader! And thanks for visiting Life On My Back (LOMB). I’m Alicia – an amateur traveller and first time travel-blogger. So ahh yeaaa, you’ve been warned.

Okay, let’s just get one thing over and done with first; lifeonmyback.com is a travel blog, not memoirs of a call girl slash late night escort. To be honest, I agonised for months – literally months; over a blog name. None of them were good enough, or I found were already taken as another blog or existing website.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the names I almost decided to go with:

  • aliciasadventures.com – everyone told me this was boring and lame and unoriginal (thanks family and friends for the confidence boost!!)
  • leeshieunleashed.com – was a winner for a while (thanks to Emma!); until a Google search showed me that ‘Alicia Unleashed’ is more of a 50-shades-of-grey-esque-type erotica name. Yea, better choose something classier like lifeonmyback.com. Good work Alicia.
  • travellingleeshie.com – Let’s just say my inspiration had run out at that point.

In the end, I had only two main rules when it came to choosing a blog name:

  1. It had to be travel related– and not use any form of the words: wander, nomad or travel.
  2. And two; it had to be meaningful to me….

But how is ‘lifeonmyback’ meaningful to me I hear you ask. Was I a lady of the night before I decided to start travelling? Well to answer this one, I wasn’t exactly the brains behind the name. My partner Luke (who I imagine will also feature quite prominently on this blog) came up with the idea. He thought he was a comedian when he thought of it.
The conversation went a little something like this:
“How about the backpacker spacker?”
“No – that’s horrible.” *Google search* “And it’s already taken. Jesus – who calls themselves the backpacker spacker?!”
“what about sure, why not? You always say that.”
“hmmm….? Taken.”
“how about life on my back?…..”
wow, that’s actually really clever. I thought he was trying to be funny, giving me stupid names but I actually really like this one. Cause everything I own will be in my backpack, on my back. So my life will be on my back. Jesus – that’s genius. I can’t let him know that though…
“……it also sounds like you’re a prostitute” he said with a smirk and then broke into laughter.
“well that name is ruined. Cheers idiot.” *makes a note of it anyway

Weeks later, I still hadn’t thought of anything nearly as clever so recruited the help of others to assist choosing from one of the few lame options I had previously come up with. It was clear none of them were spectacular; no one liked any of them. BUT, when I told them about Luke’s idea (lifeonmyback) the reaction I got was not what I expected. It made people laugh. Does she realise what that sounds like?! I could hear them asking themselves. Is she being serious?!
And that’s how lifeonmyback.com was born.


Right, this page is supposed to be about me, not how to pick a ridiculous blog name. Moving right ahead then….

So the purpose of this blog, apart from wanting to be one of the cool kids who starts an awesome travel blog when they takeoff for ‘the trip of a lifetime’ – is to reignite my love of writing as well as document this crazy adventure we are about to embark on. Like many others before us, we have decided to ditch the corporate, blue-collar lives we currently lead, in exchange for a more exotic life to satisfy our fernweh.

FERNWEH (n.) The feeling you experience watching planes go by at an airport: an ache for distant places; the craving for travel. Being homesick for a place you’ve never been.

babiesTo go back to the beginning…..
I was born in Adelaide – South Australia’s coastal capital, around the time the a capella hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy ” was released. God I love that song.
Oh look, it’s me and my sister Amelia when I was a baby! (Why is my mouth open? Am I laughing? Am I screaming in terror as Amelia tickles me? Am I waiting for someone to shove food in my mouth? – probably).
Wait, maybe this is a little too far, lets skip a few years ahead.

I met Luke about 8 or so years ago; we don’t actually keep count, so it very well could be 9 years. But before we even met, Luke had always planned on taking a gap year and living in the UK, so we almost never even existed – which obviously never happened, cause he’s been stuck with me even since he stole my chair at the pub all those long years ago. But with his botched gap year in mind, we always planned on having an awesome European holiday together, and despite having the ambition to travel for so long, we didn’t take our first overseas holiday together until 2014, of which we spent three weeks gallivanting around Thailand. The year before, I had gone on a surprise trip to Fiji with my sister, which was my very first taste of international travel. And that my friends, is the extent of my travel experience.

Ever since our Thai adventure we have been dreaming of our next escape, but something always came up which stopped us from even thinking about beginning the planning stage. Our biggest obstacle was of course money and it took us a while to realise that if we didn’t make travel a priority, it would never happen.

I’m not exactly sure when we actually decided, or when we started working towards this goal – but it was clear, we were giving up the mundane 9-5 life, getting rid of all of our belongings; and buying a one way ticket to Spain with no plans to return home anytime soon.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do, but – well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” – F SCOTT FITZGERALD

I’ve also decided to start this blog to help give me, some sort of routine…  ..I guess. I’m normally a very very anxious person and can’t help but over-think every little situation and think of the absolute worst case scenario. I don’t always deal well with change too – in fact, I had a panic attack the first night we arrived in Bangkok. I think, in a way, this will help me deal with my anxieties and give me an outlet to put everything down on paper – so to speak. I plan to write about, not only our adventures, but my fears and uncertainties too. I’ve always been the type of person to document my life, whether it be through photos, or a diary – so for me, starting a blog is a natural progression to document this new chapter of life.

Booth0417Wow. Just reading this back and I’ve realised I haven’t actually introduced myself at all. Hi, my name is Alicia – but I have affectionately been referred to as: Leeshie, Leash, shorty, munny and the lesser known albeit lovely nicknames: stinky bitch face and butt face; from my lovely partner Luke. That’s him next to the dork in the purple hat. (Yes. I’m the dork). I am currently 27 years old and still living in the same little town I was born in. I finished high-school in 2006, never ended up going Uni, entered the corporate world not long after; and have been working in the same place since 2008. 8 years in the same job may seem boring to some, but working for one of the world’s leading wine and spirit distributors is pretty cool (and the alcohol is a pretty good bonus too). The best part though is the people I’ve worked with, who make every day seem like I’m not coming to work at all. (#conviviality).

I could go on for ages about who I am and what I love so let’s just dot point a few things for your sake:

  • I love eating cheese.
  • I love drinking wine.
  • I love eating cheese and drinking wine together. Maybe a little too much.
  • I love animals – I try to make friends with every cat and dog I see on the street. Although I probably shouldn’t because I am extremely allergic and breakout in a sneezing fit. Sometimes I get hives too – which makes me look extra attractive.
  • I am one of THE most awkward people you will ever meet in your life, and I say stupid shit to people I don’t know all the time. I was on the phone once at work, to a customer; and they had just finished giving me an order so I responded with what I planned to say “lovely, thank you” but instead it came out as “love you”. Yep.
  • I love the little things in life; sunsets, giggles with friends, beautifully tiled floors, Harry Potter puns, a good colourful door, writing the number 5 perfectly, colour coding everything; – standard stuff really.
  • I take about a million years to tell a 5 minute story – can’t you tell from my short and to-the-point about me page?
  • I have one sister – who is the only immediate family I have left. My extended or ‘adopted family’ (adopted being that I forced my way into their lives through dating Luke) have accepted me into their home in ways I can’t even begin to express my thanks for.
  • I ask questions as though I’m a child seeing things for the first time and need all the details about everything.
  • I want a teacup pig, just so I can name him Kevin Bacon.
  • I love taking photos but have never owned a decent camera.
  • I hate wearing heels
  • I once made a table out of old pallets, all by myself. I used power tools and everything. Seeeeee…. I’m just a little bit proud.
  • I’m a horrible cook – Luke does all the cooking.
  • I’m actually terrified of leaving my current job.
  • I’m so nervous about what the next year, or two years, or five years will bring….
  • I think even through all of my fears, I know how lucky I am to be able to be doing this and I can’t wait to go on this adventure – good and bad – I’m ready for it all.

It’s a weird feeling, knowing that in just a few weeks, almost everything I own will be in a bag on my back – my life will literally be on my back.