Hi there. Welcome to my crazy little slice of the internet. Part travel blog, part personal diary; a little bit of a public photo album; and lots & lots of meaningless ramblings. Since the last about me page was a little outdated and far too overdetailed, I’ve decided to write a new one which will hopefully be relevant for a lot longer.

My name is Alicia and I like to travel. I usually go on adventures with my partner in crime Luke.


I can’t say we’re experts, or that we should be giving anyone advice; so this is by no means a “tips” or “travel hacks” blog. This is purely my own creative outlet, in a very VERY public forum. (And Luke’s huge head will probably feature in most of the photos on here – accompanied by the hashtag #restingunimpressedface).


A couple of things about me that are probably important to note before we move along:

  • I am horrible at blogging. Don’t expect a weekly or even monthly post – its more when I remember and when I feel like it
  • I love taking photos but know absolutely nothing about photography. Sometimes I pretend I do, so if you ever hear me talking about shutter speed or aperture; I am talking out my arse.
  • And Three; I love cheese. Probably not important to know – but a nice fun fact.


So Life on my Back hey? What’s the name all about? Well in truth Luke was the brains behind the idea and I liked it because A) my mind isn’t always in the gutter; and B) because I thought it perfectly represented how we travel best – which is backpacking. It didn’t at all dawn on me that it was the perfect name for …shall we say, a promiscuous lady of the night until AFTER I paid for the domain name and told people at work about it. Meh. Oh well. I still like it and it makes people laugh.

And to my last point – this is all just a bit of fun really. Like all other things in my life – nothing about this is too serious.