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**Full Disclaimer – I actually wrote this on the bus and fully intended on this only being a draft and fixing it up before I published it; but meh – lets be honest, the only person who will be probably actually read this will be my dear sister. Love you. xo


As I sit on the bus taking in the views of my new surroundings, on my way to a new work, in a new city, in a whole new country: I can’t help but feel lucky. We actually fucking did it this time. We’ve successfully moved to another country, found a place to live, found work and have settled ourselves – in a couple of months; and all admist a world health crisis and god damn global pandemic for Christ sake. I think if we can say we got through this, we can get through anything.

It’s weird. I feel so accomplished. And so happy every time I go for a walk down the waterway next to our apartment. (The apartment is pretty average – but we could be a lot worse off I guess). It’s strange – to feel such an achievement when a lot of people in the rest of the world are losing their jobs and feeling the economic stress of this shit show.

Great – the bus drivers are changing shifts, which means a few more minutes stuck in this windowless tub, a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Yuck. God I hate catching the bus – let alone during a time when we’re all supposed to be social distancing and not spending more than 15 mins in an enclosed space with other people. Fucking buses. We really need to buy another car – that isn’t a god damn manual so I can drive myself too and from work. Once we get some money coming in though. Soon.

So Victoria (Vancouver Island, BC) is pretty nice – two things which surprised me when we got here (although in truth everything has surprised me because I had no prior knowledge of this city before getting here) is 1. The amount of craft breweries here is insane – for such a small city, they have a HUGE amount of brewers and distillers either within the city or not far out. And 2. The AHMAZING view of the Olympic ranges from almost every neighbourhood of the city. Fuck me. What a beautiful mountain range. And every afternoon when the sun is setting on those gorgeous snow-capped peaks and the dappled orange and pink light hits each ridge. Holy shit. One of the greatest views I’ve seen in my entire life. Truly spectacular.

I’ve also decided I’m going to start using my time in self isolation (when not at work) to try and actually make this whole blog thing work. I’ve already invested a bit of time and money into this thing so let’s try and turn it into something successful. You may have also noticed I’ve made the blog a little prettier, jazzed things up a bit on my home page. Truth be told I accidentally fucking deleted my theme, so had to build everything from the ground up again – that was a fucking nightmare. you might start hearing a lot more from me in the upcoming months – I think I’ll start by writing about past adventures and trips; seeing as we can’t really explore our current destination of Canada right now. Fucking COVID 19. FUCK OFF.

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