So here we are again. Almost 3 years… THREEEE YEEARRSS!!! after my last blog post.

God I’m good at this. Let’s give this another go then shall we.

What’s happened since my last post – well, we came home because we ran out of money. That’s probably the biggest thing that happened.

We lasted 9 months in Europe. I managed to somehow convince someone to give me a job (that lasted about 2 months), so helped pay our way a teensy little bit while in Edinburgh. But yeah, soon after that we were forced to come home due to not actually being able to afford to travel anymore.

We admitted defeat. We decided that although we had fun while it lasted; it was time to come home, grow up, maybe settle down and buy a house and start having kids.


But that plan also didn’t last very long….

About 12 months after we started saving for a house – and was very close a couple of times to actually buying one; Canada decided to raise their working visa cut off age to 35. Oh – okay. Well I guess it’s settled, we’re never growing up and succumbing to the rules of adulting …..and will continue to run away and backpack forever.

So that’s the next adventure! I’ll keep you posted.

(We’ve also had one other overseas trip to Vietnam & Cambodia – in 2018; and went on a wicked road-trip across Australia earlier this year in our very shonkly built campervan. I’d like to say I’ll blog about those adventures too, but who knows at this rate).

sign off

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