The Journey So Far

Well I think it’s safe to say that so far blogging isn’t really my forte. I’m quite shit at it actually. The only blog-post I’ve written since leaving home.. …..was how I haven’t been blogging since we left home. 

I’ve just never seemed to find the right time to do it. Every time I would say to myself “right. today is the day you are going to start writing something” I would pick up the Surface and then suddenly find myself hours later having uploaded two albums of photos to Facebook and then be sick of staring at a computer screen.

So here we are… 13 and a half weeks into our hopefully 2 years or more journey. I’ll try to keep this sweet and simple so I actually finish writing something and post something, anything(!) before the end of October.


**some time later**


Oh. Hello December! When did you arrive?

“post something before the end of October”.. HA! Okay – here we go, let’s try again:

  • Days since we’ve left home: 147
  • Countries we have visited: 7
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • France
    • England
    • Belgium
    • The Netherlands
    • Scotland
  • Towns / cities we have visited: 53 (54 if we include Lagos – but Lagos doesn’t count).
    • Don’t worry.
    • I won’t list them all
    • ….unless you want me too.
    • Amelia. I’m looking at you.
  • Number of hostels: 23
  • Number of times I’ve had the privilege of having the bottom bunk: probably twice
  • Number of hotels: just one – Melia Valencia (and the buffet breakfast was to die for!)
  • Number of Airbnb’s: 10
  • Airbnb’s we haven’t been successful for: none! because we are professionals.
  • The different modes of transport we have taken: 10
    • Plane -although not since we first landed
    • Taxi
    • Walking. Does this count? I’m saying this counts.
    • Bus
    • Bike – albeit just once in Pamplona.. IT STILL COUNTS!
    • Tram
    • The Tube
    • Train
    • Boat (weeeeell, it was really only one canal tour in Amsterdam).
    • Vanny McVanFace (explanation post to be posted)…
  • Amount of postcards I have sent home: ZERO.
  • Amount of postcards I have stashed in my travel journal waiting to be mailed home: 7
  • Number of photos I have taken: lots. I can’t be bothered counting. lets just say lots.
  • Number of blow-outs before I had to throw away my precious Sanuk thongs: 2
  • Free shirt’s I’ve acquired: 1
  • Injuries I’ve sustained: 1 twisted ankle whilst attempting to ride a bike


I think that’s enough boring information for now. And hey – I’ve written a blog post! YAY!

Until next time….

sign off


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