My last day of work

PRWWell – I am officially unemployed. My last day of work was yesterday and I can’t help but feel anxious and worried about what’s to come.

I can’t get rid of this incomplete feeling as well – it’s not like me to just leave things undone. And I literally just had to close everything down yesterday and log off – and just leave it for my workmates to do next week. It’s a sickening feeling, knowing that you’ve left shit for other people to do. It’s horrible. (I remember being at my farewell lunch yesterday with my team – and just constantly thinking; when are we going back to work, when are we going back to work. I enjoyed myself – I just couldn’t completely switch off).

A small part of me does feel relieved, now that I have one less thing to worry about; but at the same time, now I know this is really happening. It’s real, and it’s just a few days away.


I was (and still am really) so overwhelmed by all the well wishes from so many people at work. It was unbelievable really. I felt so humbled to have so many people tell me how excited they were for me – and how jealous they were. I just wanted to hug everyone – wait, I’m pretty sure I did hug everyone. haha.

I didn’t expect to have so many people come to my farewell dinner yesterday either. It was great. And I certainly didn’t expect the much MUCH too generous gift they gave Luke and I. I can’t thank them enough for being so awesome, and so supportive, and not only being great workmates – but great friends too. Thank you – to every single person who came to dinner last night (partners included); you don’t realise how much it means to me, leaving on this note – feeling appreciated and cared about. Thank you.

wow – I’m getting all short of breath and teary just writing this. I think that’s enough for now.


I’m just going to finish off with a little excerpt from my farewell email that I sent to waaaay too many people at work. I just wanted to let everyone know how I felt, and that I have appreciated every little bit of friendship so many people have shown me over the years…


Well the day has finally come – it’s time to say my final goodbye on my last day as a Pernod Ricard employee. I am both sad to be leaving the family, but very excited for the amazing travel adventures that lie ahead. I still remember when I first started out, a fresh faced 19 year old, having never tasted a drop of wine; and not really thinking that I had stepped into a workplace that I would still be in, almost a quarter of my lifetime later. Wow. 

Thank you so so much to everyone, you have all made working here a fun and enjoyable experience; and just made this the best job I could have asked for really. (It’s strange – you don’t realise how happy you are, or how good you have it, until it comes time to leave. Even being a customer service pleb – I’ve enjoyed my time here more than anyone can begin to imagine).

I have formed some pretty amazing friendships over the last 8 years (well just a tad shy of 8 years); and I hope to keep in touch for many years to come….

For now, I wish each and every one of you all the very best in both your personal and professional lives. Keep the conviviality strong and please know, it has been a pleasure to work with all of you – whether it was a fleeting short email a few years ago, being part of the amazing PRA Sales team, or one of the new friends I have made since moving into my most recent role just over 12 months ago. You have all made an impression on me, so thank you for shaping my Pernod Ricard life in one way or another.

Goodbye for now. I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future…. But for now —-


sign off


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