June 17th

So here we are – exactly one month before we fly away to Europe. It’s a Friday and I’m sitting at my desk at work. There’s only 15 and a half business days left. Jesus.Calendar-date-circled

Our passports are god knows where at the moment – hopefully having our working VISA’s for the UK approved. Fingers crossed those babies come back as a yes; otherwise we’re kinda screwed.

We still haven’t booked any accommodation yet either – which we need to do really soon, as we’ll be arriving in Barcelona in the peak of tourist season.


Having said that though, I’m not as anxious about all of this as I was before – and I think it’s because it still doesn’t feel real to me yet. I’m still in work mode – I say as I sit here and type this when I should be invoicing orders. Oops. But yes, I still feel like I’ll be sitting at this very desk in a months’ time, not boarding a plane to Spain.


There are a few more bits and pieces though, that still need to be sorted out in the next 4 weeks:

  • vaccinations / immunisations – we’re gonna head to Travel Bug in North Adelaide to sort those out.
  • a general check-up with my GP
  • travel insurance. I think we’ll go with World Nomads as that’s what most other travel bloggers recommend.  (including working out what to do with our health insurance here in Australia)
  • my phone plan. (I’m pretty sure I’m only about 12 months into a 24-month contract so need to work that little pickle out).
  • Get some portable storage, like a travel hard drive. Or two.
  • Buy a camera bag; and maybe a tripod – because I’m a dork and want to take lots of photos. Oh – so maybe some spare batteries and memory cards too


But all of that is little piddly stuff compared to everything else that’s been done and dusted in the lead-up to this point:

  • We’ve completed and submitted our VISA applications (which was definitely not your average picnic)
  • We’ve bought a Surface 4 – so I can blog boring stores and Luke can watch…. “movies”
  • I’ve sold my car and paid off the rest of my loan
  • I’ve applied for and gotten an emergency credit card; to leave at home – for the day when we say, ummm.. We f*cked up and have no more money. We need to fly home. Now.
  • Luke’s cancelled his gym membership (yeeeeeah – I didn’t need too. Cause I don’t have one. Yoooou lazy shit Alicia. Hey – my excuse is I broke my knee back in March so couldn’t exercise anymore. And I just never got back into a good routine. That’s it.. I’m going on the treadmill tonight. Oh wait – I have a work dinner. Dang it. Next time).
  • Chris has bought a backpack. Good. Left it bit late did ya mate…?
  • And the biggest achievement for me so far – I’ve finally gotten this blog thing sorted out, after much worrying about hosted vs self-hosting, SEO, HTML coding, picking a stupid blog name, domain admin, social media stuff, getting my head around the WordPress dashboard, picking a god damn theme (there’s about a bazillion jillion out there), and then actually writing some stuff.


It’s weird. I keep looking at my calendar every morning to check how many more days there are – and every day at work at least one person asks me “how many more sleeps” or “so how long until you leave” – which makes it seem like they really want to say “Just get out Alicia. We don’t like you anymore”. No, but seriously – I can always tell people how many weeks it is, but now that it’s gotten down to just one month to go….  it’s weird.

It’s here. This is happening. What the hell.
One month. Three more weeks of work and then one week until we’re off and racing.
Jesus. I’m not ready for this.

sign off

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