Framed image of the quote: It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you.

And then there were three…

So around the middle of last year, a bunch of us were talking about how awesome it would be to quit our jobs and backpack around the world – and how an incredible dream such as this was truly impossible and we would never end up going through with such wild outrageous ideas. (Wow that was a long sentence).

Well, obviously Luke and I have decided to go down this path; and now Luke’s guitar-playing, big-bearded, extremely loud and sometimes remarkably inappropriate cousin Chris has too! ChrisYaaaaay – travel friends. That’s him looking like an over excited muppet.

Our little party of two has turned into a soirée of three.
The dynamic duo has morphed into the tremendous trio.
Batman & Robin are now the Three Musketeers.

Okay, I think that’s enough.

Nup. Who am I kidding?
I can’t stop there…

Mac & Cheese? More like a BLT please.
Forget Han Solo & Chewbacca, now we’re Kick, Spock & McCoy. Beam me up Scotty!
You thought Siegfried & Roy were magic, well they’re mere muggles compared too Harry, Ron & Hermione. (Chris, you can be Hermione) – EXPELLIARMUS!!  You’re a wizard Harry. I’M A WHAAAAAT??
We’re like a Lord of the Rings Trilogy – YOOUUU SHALLLL NOTTT PAAAASSSS!!!!
Except we shall pass; over the Indian Ocean that is, on the way to Europe! Boom.

Geez, that escalated quickly….

Yep. So this has turned out to be quite a rubbish post so far. Sorry for wasting those past few seconds of your life. Time to get serious….


So with the three of us now going on this adventure, it has made a few things easier (private share rooms in hostels will be cheaper for example), but certain aspects have become more complicated too. For instance – an issue came up with the timing on applying for Visa’s and when to arrive into the UK, and we thought we might have to change our flights to land in London town first – but instead of just being able to be like: right, this is happening…. we all had to catch up and talk it through, see what everyone thought was best and then come to a joint decision. (For the record, we’re keeping our flights as they are, landing in Barcelona in July and then figuring it out from there. Yea – awesome at coming up with solutions. Ignore the problems until they happen! Go team!) And things like – where to go and what to do, it’s much harder to compromise with three people instead of two.  Jesus, that’s the second rhyming sentence in this post so far. It’s like a Dr Suess book in here today.

Another thing that worries me (that I have occasionally repeatedly voiced to both of them) is that I’ll end up being the awkward third wheel, always following behind, not getting to do some of the things that I want too – or rushing taking photos of places because they’re both bored and want to move on, and god forbid if either of them ever get bored. Someone even made a joke recently at Luke’s sister’s wedding; that it’s like a couple and their friend going on holiday – but wait, guess who the friend is?! Me. It’s true – a standard weekend for the three of us consists of Luke and I driving to Chris’ house, picking him up – me being evicted to the back seat (to be honest – I just started sitting in the back seat automatically about 5 years ago, I know my place), getting coffee and or breakfast if we’re feeling a bit peckish, Chris complaining about his lactose intolerance, more pointless banter between the two of them in the car, and then me sitting there shoving whatever form of barrier I can under my nose because Chris has announced “egh, I just farted” and then proceeding to waft it in my general direction yelling “get that in ye!” and laughing his arse off. No thanks friend. He’s like the big brother I never wanted. Luke doesn’t help either – in fact he usually puts MY window down and then the child lock on, so it all gets blown to my sad lonely corner of the car.


In all seriousness though, looking at the three of us collectively as a group (from as much of an outsider’s perspective as I can) I think this will be really good…. for all of us.

We already know how much of an over-thinker I am, so I think with both Luke and Chris there, I’ll be able to handle and get over my anxieties a lot faster. I’ll have both of them there, if and when I need help, and together they can tell me to stop being stupid over the little things I don’t have control over.

Luke is just generally incredibly indecisive (That ‘Notebook’ meme about choosing dinner – WHAT DO YOU WANT. That, is literally our lives every time we talk about anything. Not just dinner – anything) but I think with Chris being there, it will help / force Luke make more decisions, instead of me just getting frustrated with him – or both of them for that matter. And plus, if both Chris and I are excited to see or do something, then I think it will encourage Luke to be more excited as well. (Not that he’s not excited to go to Europe, but he just has his main few things and places he wants to see – Amsterdam being the number one – and he’s not really fussed what else he sees or misses out on).

And Chris, he’s never travelled before, and a part of me feels like if we weren’t going on this trip, he would just keep postponing exploring the world. Another bonus that Chris brings is that unlike Luke and I, he is neither shy, nor socially awkward – and actually likes people. So that should help when trying to make friends.

There are times when we have our moments but generally the three of us work like a well-oiled machine; when it matters, we get shit done.


I know there are bound to be disagreements on the road, and the odd day when we want to punch each other in the face – but I think overall, the three of us will really benefit from having each other around. There are very few people I would actually be happy about travelling with, but these two are definitely at the top, very close, to the top of my list.


Header image cred: Unoriginal Mom

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