The Dream

Well, first things first. I think as the first post on this blog I should establish what this is all about…

As mentioned on my about me page, Luke and I are about to embark on a wild adventure abroad that will hopefully be for at least the next 12 months – and if we manage to somehow pull off a miracle and stay for longer, we’ll keep trying to extend our time away as much as we can.

What we hope to achieve is to visit all the wonderful places we have been dreaming of, as well as see parts of the world we are yet to hear about and discover. There are so many places all over the world that we hope to one day experience, but it was clear our starting point should be Europe.

It’s been years since we first started talking about visiting places such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Edinburgh – to name a few. So it wasn’t hard to decide where we should fly away too first. (In fact, I recently found a Word Doc from 2011 on my work computer with a rather sad looking list of things to see and do in Europe; which obviously never amounted to anything).

In an ideal world, we would love to stay and work in Europe to extend our time there as much as possible – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens and try our best to manage our time and money to make things work. We’re not pre-organising any sort of work, and are hoping to just sort of find work I guess once we get there and need to build the funds back up. We’re both happy to do any sort of work really, not necessarily in our current fields – god, I’d be happy cleaning toilets if it meant I could eat cheese and drink wine while looking at the Eiffel Tower. But all jokes aside, I don’t really care what work we end up doing, as long as it helps keep us on the road a little longer and makes for some interesting stories to tell back home.

So by now you can probably tell we’re not really making any plans for this expedition, and are hoping to just cruise along and find our way as we go; but one thing we have talked about is what to do after, once we’re ready to set our sights for home. From Europe, it kind of makes sense to head towards Asia to come back to Australia; so we both thought it would be really cool to head to Russia and catch the Trans-Siberian railway through Mongolia, all the way to China. We have a friend who caught the train in the opposite direction and his photos and stories were just so exciting; it seems like one of those things you have to do once in your life. We plan- and I use the word plan loosely – to do it slow and take a few stops along the way; to really see and experience the journey. From China, we would head down towards South East Asia, or maybe even across to India first if we’re lucky. I think we might run into some issues with obtaining visa’s for Cambodia and Vietnam – if we don’t know our arrival dates etc – but I’ll leave that for future Luke and Alicia to work out. That can be their problem. Suckers.

Jesus – just looking at a world map while writing this – it boggles me just how big the world is, and how much there is to see and do out there. How many people there are to meet and how many amazing experiences there are to be had with them. I can’t wait. I seriously just can’t wait.


Header image cred: Poppy & Pinecone on Etsy

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